Hello Greater Family,
I’m most appreciative that God has shined heaven’s light on us and allowed us to see 2021. We can’t look back. We’re moving ahead. This year, I want us to count our many blessings and see what the Lord has done. I can’t say enough about His keeping power. We’ve experienced much; but God… Know this; the same God that has sustained us, is the same God that will continue to carry us through.

My 1st message this year was entitled “2021: The Year Of Blessings For The Righteous”. I’m believing God for us this year to come out better than ever. Greater is in a Great place. This year has gotten off to a great start. Let me encourage you to keep trusting God, not worry or doubt. We are on our way to Greater in life. Change has come in the White House; but my question is, has change been made in your house? I have made God my choice. We as a church have come too far to turn back now. Stay with God; and know that He’ll stay with you. We’ve started this year Great. All I wish you is Greater. Happy 35th

Pastor Broussard 

COVID-19 Funeral Assistance FEMA.gov

The FEMA Funeral Reimbursement Program will launch in April. FEMA is reimbursing up to $7,000.00 for COVID-19 funerals. PLEASE PASS ON FOR WIDEST DISSEMINATION TO OUR BLACK COMMUNITIES…. to any family member who paid for a funeral. Please keep funeral documentation. Please share!


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